Leading Roofing Industry Suppliers: Your Reliable Collaborators

Posted on October 27, 2023 by Berverley Chengetai

Roofing Industry Suppliers

The roofing industry is a critical sector of the construction world, providing essential protection to homes and buildings. To excel in this field, partnering with reliable suppliers who offer high-quality roofing materials, tools, and equipment is crucial. In this blog post, we'll introduce you to some of the top suppliers in the roofing industry that can help you deliver exceptional roofing solutions to your clients.


GAF is one of the leading roofing material manufacturers in North America. They offer a wide range of roofing products, including shingles, underlayment, ventilation systems, as well as accessories. Known for their quality and innovation, GAF is a trusted name among roofing contractors.

Owens Corning

Owens Corning, a prominent industry leader, offers roofing solutions known for their durability and energy efficiency, particularly their fiberglass roofing shingles. Additionally, Owens Corning provides insulation products, roofing components, and an extensive warranty program.


CertainTeed is a subsidiary of Saint-Gobain, a global leader in construction materials. They offer a variety of roofing materials, including asphalt shingles, metal roofing, and flat roofing solutions. Additionally, CertainTeed is known for its commitment to sustainability and energy efficiency.

TAMKO Building Products

TAMKO has been in the roofing industry for over 75 years and is popular for its asphalt shingles, metal roofing, and decking products. They focus on providing durable and aesthetically-pleasing roofing materials that withstand harsh weather conditions.

Atlas Roofing Corporation

Atlas Roofing Corporation is known for its wide range of roofing and insulation products. They offer asphalt shingles, underlayments, and ventilation solutions. In addition, Atlas is dedicated to innovation and sustainability in the roofing industry.

ABC Supply Co. Inc.

ABC Supply is one of the largest roofing material distributors in the United States. They provide roofing contractors with a comprehensive range of products, including shingles, siding, windows, as well as gutters. Their extensive network of locations makes them easily accessible to roofing professionals.

Beacon Building Products

Beacon is another major distributor of roofing and building materials. They offer roofing products, such as shingles, ventilation, accessories, and other construction materials. Beacon's extensive distribution network and customer support services make them a valuable partner for roofing contractors.

Sika Corporation

Sika specializes in roofing and waterproofing solutions. They offer a range of products, including roofing membranes, adhesives, sealants, and insulation. In addition, Sika is known for its high-performance roofing systems suitable for various applications.

Duro-Last Roofing

Duro-Last is a leader in the commercial roofing industry. They provide single-ply roofing systems known for their durability as well as energy efficiency. Duro-Last offers custom-fabricated roofing solutions tailored to the specific needs of each project.

Malarkey Roofing Products

Malarkey Roofing Products manufactures asphalt roofing shingles and related materials. They are also known for their sustainable roofing products, advanced technology, as well as a commitment to environmental responsibility.

These suppliers are just a few of the trusted names in the roofing industry. When choosing a supplier for your roofing business, consider product quality, reliability, customer support, and alignment with your business values as well as goals. Building strong partnerships with top suppliers will help ensure the success and reputation of your roofing company, as well as the satisfaction of your clients.

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